About Me

I am an everyday, average Mom who spends a chunk of my time working on our Plan B.  My family and I live in central NH on top of a mountain where I work out of my house. We don’t have a BOL since we already live in the kind of place others bug out to.  This is why most of the plans I talk about here will focus on bugging in, SIP, or evacuating with the intention of returning as soon as safety allows.

A little about us since in general terms we are not “typical preppers”.

We aren’t necessarily distrustful of the government, but know that in dire circumstances there is a limited amount of relief and assistance to go around and therefore we have chosen to take charge of our destiny and safeguard our own survival.

We aren’t traditionally religious and are happy to keep our thoughts about your religion to ourselves if you promise to do the same.

We choose to believe that most people are genuinely good and that the world is not a horrible unkind place, however, just like the other animals that inhabit our planet, humans have a survival instinct and people will do unspeakable things if they have to in order to survive. This is why security is high on our priority list.

We are not actively wishing for or hoping to bring about the end of the world or some catastrophic event.  We plan for the big to ensure we are ready for the small.  We look at the worst situation we can imagine in the hopes it will position us to be prepared for what really happens.

We use the zombie apocalypse and 2012 Doomsday scenarios as contexts for survival situations not because we have a strong belief that either is an imminent threat but because it makes it more interesting and entertaining, especially for our kids.

I am happy to share my knowledge about how to prep, what to prep for, and how to prep for a family with any who are interested.


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